I feel SO bad for this homeowner, he made every attempt to save the bees that had taken up residency in the wall of his home.  He watched video after video and read story after story on how and what you will need to save bees and start a managed colony.  He went and bought a bee suit, a smoker, a bee box/hive kit to build, to place the colony in and you will see from the photos that this homeowner even cut his block wall to try and retrieve the bees and hive. He was able to smoke and calm most of the bees and retrieve most of the hive but unfortunately he was unable to locate and exclude the queen, which is needed for the hive to survive. So, all the bees that he had “captured”  escaped because they were not managed and “honey-robbers” (outside bees) came and started to “take-over” what was left of the hive.  Unfortunately once we arrived it was obvious that there was no queen present and there was not much of the hive left to salvage so we had to exterminate the feral bees that had taken over and then clean-out the remainder of the hive.  Once all of that was completed the homeowner could then start putting his house back together.


photo 23 Men Removing Bees 3men wall

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