Bees Bees and more Bees…

We are being “swarmed” with bee calls right now. With the strange weather pattern we are having it is causing the bees to swarm. We have not only had transient swarm calls but also an increased amount of bees finding areas in, on or around your home to to start a hive. The calls we have had this week have been bees that had taken over a wood pecker hole in a palm tree about 35 feet off the ground. Which would not have been such a bad thing except the palm tree was dead and was falling over almost falling onto a commercial building. The next call was a very large transient swarm that had moved between a total of 4 trees at a local public school, giving the staff great concern for the children’s safety. So if that wasn’t enough excitement we get  call from a local RV resort that several people have been stung from bees that seem to be coming / going under a shed… Well they weren’t kidding. We arrived at the park to find a very aggressive colony of bees that obviously been there for several months.  They had made a hive between the concrete slab and flooring of the shed. We were able to remove the bees and then clean-out the large hive. What a “sticky” situation that was.  So you would think that would be all the calls for bees for the week right? Not this week… A construction company called and one of the office trailers they have out at a sight has a large bee hive under the trailer and it was stated that they were getting in between the insulation and the floor. They were very concerned because there were several bees that started appearing on the interior of the trailer.  Again the bees were removed and a clean-out of the hive was done. But that was not the last “buzz” we received about bees we had several other transient swarms in trees, small swarms on the exterior of homes, and two calls where bees had started to colonize in the chimney of two different houses.


Golden Bee Hive

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