A Quick Look at Rollout Poker for Casino Players

For many years, poker has been one of the world’s most popular casino games. In fact, this game has become synonymous with all of the glitz and glamour that has, for so long, been associated with casinos. Of course, it is only natural then that when the advent of online casinos came to be, this game was quickly adapted to this new digital world as well. Because of the game’s sheer popularity, there have been a number of variations of rollout poker. While there may be so many different varieties of this game out there, one thing remains the same: the jargon used in many of these games remain true to the original. Below, you will find a few definitions of some of the most popular rollout poker terms.


The phrase “up the ante” is one of the most popular used in rollout poker games around the world. Essentially, what this word refers to is the small bet that players need to make before a hand is dealt. An ante is quite similar to a blind bet, except that every player needs to contribute to this before a game can even begin.


A buy-in is quite a self-explanatory term. Buy-ins are most commonly found in rollout poker tournaments, where players will more than likely need to put down some money just to participate. In essence, a buy-in refers to the value of a ‘seat’ at a poker table. So before players are granted access to the tournament, they need to first pay a deposit of a certain amount in the same way deposits are made before playing real money blackjack Australia.


A burn card is a way of ensuring that each and every game of rollout poker is a fair one. The dealer keeps the burn card on top of the deck for as long as possible, and then removes it at the very last second, just in case it has a distinguishing feature or mark somewhere on it. This protects players from any potential foul play. However, burn cards are more for traditional casino games of poker than they are for online games, but live online tournaments still feature them.

Pairs and Quads

Of course, when it comes to poker, the cards are one of the game’s most important aspects. The groups that they form determine whether or not you win the game. Perhaps two of the most common card hands found are pairs and quads. The former refers to two of a kind, whilst the latter refers to four of a kind.

Royal Flush

The most coveted and well-known hand a poker player could possibly be dealt is a royal flush. This hand is unbeatable and consists of an ace, king, queen, jack and ten.

The terms listed above are perhaps the most commonly used in rollout poker. If you are an avid poker player, or are looking to become one, these definitions are sure to help you when you next settle in to play an exciting game of online poker.