Battle For Olympus Slot from Cryptologic  

 Set in Ancient Greece this slot game follows the Greek Gods as they battle and compete between each other. Graphically the slot is designed well, with the reels, symbols and backdrop all adding something special and unique to the theme’s make up.

Cryptologic has also made this a wide reaching and expansive slot in terms of betting capabilities. Here players can choose from up to 50 pay lines to bet with across the symbol laden 5 reels. As far as bonus features go, Battle For Olympus slot has an impressive Wild which triples all the wins scored with it. There is also a fun and lucrative interactive bonus game where players must either defend or attack Olympus for credit rewards. Overall, this game offers an interesting take on the rather common Greek mythology angle.

The Face of Battle For Olympus Slot

The theme and adornments of this slot game are all done in a comical and cartoon centric fashion. With the accompanying tune of angelic harps and additional appropriate sounds the slot also manages to accentuate other senses into the game. Together with the sound effects and some fun animations and lights players will always be well aware they’ve struck a winning pay line.

The specific symbols on the reels are all cut from the same cloth and so symbols like Zeus, Hades, Cerberus, Athena and even Hermes’ winged helm. There are also the 10 through Ace playing card symbols, each with its own bold colour scheme. The symbols are intrinsic to the slot playing experience and Cryptologic have designed some rather magnificent ones here.

Including the adjustable 50 pay lines the betting layout also allows players a choice of coin size and coin number, so really both the high and low rollers will find a game with Battle For Olympus slot.

Wilds, Multipliers and an Interactive Bonus Game

Battle For Olympus slot has several bonuses that go along the gameplay to spice up the reels. These include a rather impressive Wild which not only substitutes for other game symbols, apart from the bonus symbols, to form winning combinations, but also awards a 3 times multiplier to the wins it helps create.

The bonus game in Battle For Olympus slot triggers rather interestingly and result in there technically being 3 different bonus symbols required. These 3 symbols are the ‘Battle’, ‘For’, and ‘Olympus’ symbols and clearly makes up the title of this fun online game and the name of its bonus game. These 3 must be hit on reels 1, 3 and 5 respectively and once done transports the players to the bonus game screen.

At the bonus game screen players pick either Zeus or Hades as their warrior and then engage in the Battle for Olympus. Timing their attacks to the tack or moving meter at the bottom of the screen players get 5 separate chances to attack. These each award credit prizes depending on how close they were to the mark. If players get a perfect hit on the first 4 attacks they are awarded the Perfect Attack prize and neglect the final attack. This game can be quite lucrative if players are quick.