Sign of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can be extremely serious and it’s something that can affect anyone. It’s not limited to race, creed, colour or even income and it can seriously affect a player’s mental and physical health, relationships, working situation and day-to-day interactions.

If you know what a sign of gambling addiction is, you’ll be able to spot it in someone else, but it can be harder to identify in yourself. If you see the following signs, or find that these relate to your gambling activities or disposition, its time to address the situation.

Being Unable to Stop

If you find it hard to stop gambling or to manage your time as you are so focused on playing, this is a key sign of gambling addiction. Gambling should be a fun, recreational activity, not one that you call a halt to when you need or want to do something else.

Overspending Money and Time

A sign of gambling addiction that’s often picked up on by others is when player overspends and runs into the red. Gambling debt is something no one should ever have, and if you are overspending playing casino games, there is a problem. Similarly, you can overspend on time too, and if online gambling Canada is cutting into your day and affecting the relationships you have with others, such as your partners, kids or family, you need to cut back.

Fighting about Gambling

The minute you being fighting about any aspect of gambling, you need to take a step back. Of course a healthy debate about the best Blackjack strategy or the easiest way to play Roulette is not a problem, but of you are arguing about time or money, you need to address the situation. Gambling should never cause strain on relationships or affect your interactions with others.

Compulsive Gambling Patterns

If you eat, sleep and breathe online gambling, this could be sign of gambling addiction. Of course, if you dot sleep and barely bother to eat, this is sure sign there’s a problem. If gambling takes up every waking minute of your day, either by thought or by deed, it’s an issue. Compulsive gamblers simply focus all their energy on chasing their next big win, to the exclusion of all else, and this is incredibly unhealthy.

Lying About Gambling

Possibly the most obvious sign of gambling addiction is lying about it. Chances are; if you say you don’t have a problem and deny that you spend a certain amount of time or money playing, you have a problem. Gamblers who play responsibly will always be honest and upfront about their playing habits, how much they won, and more importantly, how much they lost.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Responsibilities can cover everything from simple tasks such as keeping your house clean, to paying the bills. If gambling stops you from performing even the simplest routine tasks and sees you neglect simple responsibilities, you need to seek help. This type of behaviour can also affect your work performance and can jeopardise your job if you don’t meet expectations or deliver due to being focused on gambling.

By knowing what a sign of gambling addiction looks like, you can ensure you and those around you always play responsibly and just have fun.