The Common Myths And Superstitions Of Roulette

Roulette has long been one of the most exciting and popular games at casinos, and has been in existence since the 18th century. Over time, many myths and superstitions about the game, and how to win, have accumulated in gambling culture.

Here is a list of the most common roulette myths and superstitions.

Lucky Numbers

There is an old and common belief that certain numbers, be they of personal meaning, or otherwise, will give a player some advantage in the form of better luck. The reality is that, by design, no number on the roulette wheel has greater or lesser odds of winning.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Another common misbelief is that there are hot and cold numbers in roulette. “Hot” meaning numbers that have shown up frequently during a day or a session, and “cold” meaning numbers that have been especially infrequent. The idea is that by betting on hot numbers, you can better your odds.

As mentioned, there are no numbers in roulette with greater or lesser odds. The only reason for certain numbers appearing more frequently and consistently would be due to, e.g., a rare flaw in the design of the roulette wheel. Otherwise, it is generally simple coincidence, and nothing to rely on.

This is also an example of what is commonly known as the gambler’s fallacy.

Sleeping Numbers

Another term for cold, or infrequent, numbers,  is “sleeping numbers”. However, in this case, the misbelief is that the longer a number “lies dormant” the greater the odds are that it will eventually appear.

Here again is an example of a myth that relies on “the gambler’s fallacy”.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

Also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, the gambler’s fallacy is the false belief or misconception that certain numbers have better odds due to their frequency, or infrequency.

The reality is that time and perceived frequency has no effect on the past or future frequency or determination of a number or outcome.

Lucky Objects And Talismans

The superstition of lucky objects and talismans has long been a common feature of gambling, and particularly the roulette table. Usually it’s in the form of lucky clothing, such as socks or underwear, or objects like lucky rabbit feet and horseshoes.

Though lucky items have no actual ability to effect the odds of winning, they obviously can have a psychologically comforting effect for some, which is arguably their only practical use.

Praying And Rituals

Like lucky numbers and objects, praying, and performing special rituals, in hope of gaining better fortune, can perhaps be psychologically comforting, and therefore improve one’s enjoyment. It will, however, add no statistical advantage to one’s chances of winning in roulette.

The Game Is Rigged

Especially when on a losing streak, there is the natural tendency to suspect that the game is rigged in some way, be it the dealer or the wheel itself.

One can rest assured, though, that as long as you are playing at a licensed and registered casino, all games will be subject to the strict laws and regulations that govern fair play in gambling.